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Our story is one of hygienist and dentist dog owners who had so much trouble trying to brush their own dog's teeth that they invented the CHEWMATE TreatBrush - the Self-Brushing Toothbrush Toy that triple cleans your dog's teeth, gums and tongue as they chew and play. Simply insert your dog's favorite treat and TreatBrush turns ANY treat into a Toothbrush.

Our mission is to promote oral hygiene and provide pet parents the easiest, most efficient, affordable, environmental and FUN oral hygiene toys and accessories. Our CHEWMATE line of FUN Dental Toys for Dogs and Cats is the very best that science, technology, nature and design has to offer in order to stop Dental Disease - the most prevalent pet (and human) disease in the world causing undue pain misery and expense, because dental disease is almost totally preventable with good oral hygiene.

Dr. Allan Coopersmith

Nathalie Fiset

There is no greater cruelty to animals than dental disease. causing needless pain and misery and expense especially when it is almost completely preventable with good oral hygiene.

Our mascots, "Tooth" and "Heart", serve to spread awareness about the oral-systemic link and shares easy everyday tricks to help maintain your pet's oral health through the use of our new product: TreatbrushTM

Our Treatbrush helps promote pet health and prevent oral disease that leads to heart and systemic disease. Oral Hygiene for dogs is difficult and complicated. CHEWMATE TreatBrush makes it EASY and FUN!

Patented "Floss Slots" creates 360-degree cleaning all the way to the gum-line which is so important because 95% of dental disease in dogs is gum disease not cavities. Simply insert your dog's favorite treat, ( dental stick, bully stick, collagen stick, or even Peanut butter) and TreatBrush turns any treat into a toothbrush.



    Earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree graduating McGill University, first in his class over four years with the Thornton Gold Medal. Dr Coopersmith’s mission is to eradicate the most prevalent yet preventable disease- namely dental disease by providing his patients and the public with the easiest and best tools to clean away the bacteria that causes dental disease.



    Nathalie graduated first in her Dental Hygiene class with honors at College de Maisonneuve. She has dedicated herself to instructing as well as motivating her patients in the prevention of oral disease. “Your teeth are your best jewelry. Keep your gums healthy and young. Pure, Simple & Naturally Beautiful. For a Healthy Smile and Healthy Planet”.


    Chief Revenue Officer

    Meet Ian, our dynamic Chief Revenue Officer, renowned for his exceptional ability to scale businesses with a proven track record of success. Ian recognizes the importance of fostering meaningful connections through both trust and networking while bringing any exceptional product to market. His unwavering belief in this principle has consistently driven remarkable results, solidifying his reputation as a visionary leader in the industry.

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Contributing to health and wellbeing is what we are all about. Through imagination and innovation, we provide simple, cost effectiveand environmentally friendly products scientifically designed to promote oral and total body health, and a better way of life.