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What kind of treat should I insert in the TreatBrush?

You can insert your dog’s favorite treat. A good choice would be a dental stick, bully stick or collagen stick which can be inserted easily. HINT: Push treat to center of TreatBrush.

Can my dog use a TreatBrush without a treat?

Yes, many dogs love to chew their TreatBrush even without a treat. HINT: You may omit the treat if your dog is an aggressive chewer.

Why does my dog have bad breath? What does it mean? What should I do?

Bad breath may  be a sign of dental disease. A common reasonfor bad breath is due to  mouth bacteriawhich infect the gums causing the bad smell but can be due to other factorslike a broken tooth or indigestion. Sometimes food, treats, or supplements, especially those containing seafood can cause bad breath. It is always suggestedto visit your veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment.

What else can I do to make sure that my dog has healthy gums?

Nutritious diet. Enzymatic water additives. Dental treats, Prebiotics, probiotics. Toothbrushing when possible.

What should I do if my dog won’t chewthe TreatBrush?

Make it exciting for your dog. Try to change treats, and play, tug, and fetch the TreatBrush with him. If you hold the TreatBrush with both hands on either end and place it in his mouth- he will begin to chew and clean his teeth.

How long should I let my dog play with the TreatBrush?

Approximately 1-2 hours /day. Remove when your dog loses interest and return it to him with excitement when he is active.

How best should I present theTreatBrush to my dog?

Make it exciting in a fun way.

Do I have to watch my dog when he is using the TreatBrush?

Yes, your dog should always be supervised when your dog is using the TreatBrush or any other chew toys to make sure it doesn’t get torn or broken.

Can an aggressive chewer use TreatBrush and if so how?

Yes - a TreatBrush can be used for aggressive chewers BUT only when assisted by you. Simply hold the TreatBrush in both hands ( at each end) and approach your dog’s mouth and he will begin to chew on it and brush his own teeth as he bites, tugs, and pulls. Dog Toothbrushing becomes so much easier and more fun for your pet and yourself. Remember to remove TreatBrush until the next brushing because self-use of TreatBrush is NOT recommended for aggressive chewers.

Why does my dog love to bite the ends?

Most likely because that is where the treat was placed. Remember to push the treat all the way to the center where Most of the “Floss Slot” cleaning openings are. When using peanut butter, force the peanut butter deeply through The "Floss Slot” openings near the center of the bone and not through the ends.

What should I do if my dog swallows a piece of the TreatBrush?

Stay calm. A dog may occasionally bite off and possibly swallow a piece of rubber or hemp or fabric and under most circumstances, it will pass with his bowel movement so be on guard to check. Make sure he is not choking and monitor for changes in behavior or eating patterns. When in doubt, have him checked by a Vet.

How long should a TreatBrush last for?

A TreatBrush can last for many months but just like your toothbrush, It is recommended to change every 3-4 months or earlier if torn or broken.

How should I clean a TreatBrush?

It’s best to clean a TreatBrush with soap and water or place on top drawer of the dishwasher. You can use a wire brush or the end of a wooden kitchen spoon to remove stubborn debris if necessary.

What should I do if my dog tears or bites off a piece of a TreatBrush?

Remove and replace your TreatBrush if it gets worn, torn or broken.

My dog is an aggressive chewer. Is a TreatBrush good for him? What precaution should I take?

Although TreatBrush is NOT recommended for aggressive chewers, you may in some instances let him chew it in the middle while holding it on one or both ends. Remove TreatBrush when finished.

How often should I change my TreatBrush?

Just like with your toothbrush, it is recommended to replace your dog’s TreatBrush every 3-4 months.

My dog’s gums started to bleed when he first started to use the TreatBrush. Is that dangerous? What does that mean? What should I do?

If your dog’s gums starts to bleed when he chews the TreatBrush, especially for the first time- it means that your dog probably already has gum disease and the gums are inflamed because of the bacteria and tarter that has settled around the teeth.

HINT: Continue using the TreatBrush (within a few weeks, the bacteria will be cleaned away from the teeth, which will decrease the inflammation which should reduce the bleeding. It is always recommended to see your vet if your dog’s gums bleed for a check- up and probable cleaning.

What is the difference between plaque and tarter?

Plaque is soft, white and creamy looking film and is composed of damaging bacteria found in a dog’s mouth that settles on teeth at and below the gum line. It can be easily brushed or cleaned away when the plaque is soft.

If not cleaned away at least once/day, the plaque becomes calcified and hardened by the salts found in saliva and becomes darker, hard and rough to form tarter that sticks strongly to the tooth. The tarter acts like a splinter, digging into the gums causing inflammation, bad breath, and bleeding.

Once plaque hardens to form tarter, it can no longer easily be cleaned away- so a Vet must put your dog to sleep to remove the tarter. Older dogs are at greater risk for complications due to anesthesia- so make sure to give them their TreatBrush daily.

HINT: If you clean away the soft plaque with daily use of the Treatbrush, your dog will be healthier and you will avoid the risk and expense of vet anesthesia and cleaning.

Is TreatBrush good for puppies?

Absolutely- Teething Puppies love to chew and play with their TreatBrush and that helps save your furniture and slippers.

Can my dog have fun with my Rubber TreatBrush in the water?

Yes- the TreatBrush floats.

I ordered my product and it said shipping will take 3-6 weeks. Why so long?

Shipping MAY take 3-6 weeks. Throughout different times of the year demand is greater than others, so we always state 3-6 weeks. However, we always do our best to plan for those times of the year so we can avoid “back orders.”

Help! I placed an incorrect order. How can I change this?

What you want to do is contact us at To find your order we will need your phone number (or email address if you provided it), last name, and zip code. They will absolutely get your order fixed for you. Keep in mind order processing takes a full 24 hours, so they may not have your order in the customer service system until at least 24 hours after you've placed your order.

I placed an order, but I haven't been charged yet. When should I expect to be charged?

We process your order within 24 hours, but we do not charge your card for the purchase until the order is shipping.